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Title: Wind-Up Knight                                              Engine: Unity 3

Team Size: 4                                                           Duration: 4 month internship

Description: I completed an internship at Robot Invader working on their first title, Wind-Up Knight. My primary task on the project was to take finished environment assets from the artist and place them into the blocked out levels supplied by the designer. I was also responsible for lighting the levels and placing other objects such as ambient sounds, particles and skyboxes. By the end of my 4 months on the project, I had worked extensively on 36 of the final 52 levels that shipped. With over 7 million downloads on both Android and iOS, Wind-Up Knight has been a huge hit for Robot Invader. The game was called "A success story from start to finish" by Tara Long at Destructoid.com. It was AppliGet's 2011 Android App of The Year and ranked 19 on IGN's list of The Top 25 Android Games. The game has also been featured in G4's Knuckle Up column and currently rates 4.6 out of 5 stars on Android with over 50,000 user reviews.

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Title: My Pet Monsters                                          Engine: Unity 3

Team Size: 6                                                           Duration: 6 months

Description: My job on "My Pet Monsters" was UI implementation using the NGUI plugin in Unity. This involved programming the HUD and menu dialogs flow and functionality in C#. Through various art and flow iterations, I consistently delivered UI assets to meet the ever evolving needs of the project. In addition to UI, I was also to responsible for programming other game systems including the tutorials and the remote data driven quest system for the game. Between its initial iOS launch in Octover 2012 and its Android launch on the Amazon Appstore for Android in December 2012, I was involved in implementing various many new features. These include a new skills and jobs system for training your monster, social features allowing you to visit friends' monsters and the in-app store.

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